Visual Sensor Network

A Project Funded by

test-bed Design, Priority Routing,Topology Management

Visual Sensor Network (VSN) is defined as a Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) whose nodes are augmented with imaging sensors or cameras. 
this project was funded by KACST Grants with the title of
"Energy Efficient Protocols for Visual Wireless Sensor Networks and Its Application"
It contains three main parts
1. [OpToGen] Topology Managment to Optimize Energy Consumption for Visual Sensor Network 

2. ​ [PRoFIT] Prioritiy Routing and MAC  for Faster Delivery of Minimum Visual Information

3. [CNet] Building a VSN test-bed  for Real-Life Expermintation
The researchers express their gratitude and appreciation to King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology for providing the research grant number AT-34-335. The researchers would like to thank Umm Al Qura University for providing help and assistance to the researchers during the course of the project.